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Hey, my name is Alistair. I'm from Manchester in the UK but work in Berlin as an "Erzieher".

This is my 3rd year doing YoYo Camps and love theatre games! Looking forward to

meeting you all and having lots of fun at camps! Czara



 Hi there I’m Czara! I come from Kerry in the south of Ireland and I’m so excited

to work for YoYo Camps! Some of my favourite things to do include painting,

going for walks with my friends and reading! See you soon! 😝






Hi! My name is Hannah, and I’m from Pennsylvania in the United States.

I enjoy studying languages (I have spent five months studying in France),

hiking, kayaking, and other outdoor activities. I am super excited to be working at YoYo camps this summer!


  Ken Chi


Hello 👋 My name is Chika I am from Nigeria and I study in Budapest, Hungary.

I look forward to meeting you all soon. My interests are in Arts & Music. Peace ✌🏽



Codak Smith / I am an American Graffiti artist. I have been writing graffiti since 1988.

I grew up in Portland, OR but have lived all over the US. I am currently living in Tulsa,

Oklahoma in an artist residency program called the Tulsa Artist Fellowship.

I have painted all over the US and in several European countries as well.

This is however my first time in Germany. Besides graffiti I also do painting,

design, sculpture and tattooing.





  Hey! My name is Ira and I’m from Finland.

My hobbies are volleyball and golfand I study to become a

primary school teacher. I’m looking forward to working with children!



Hey, I’m Rosie. I’m from England, Birmingham but I also live

in Manchester for my studies. I love to travel and meet new People.

I can’t wait to work with you this summer 😊




Hello there! I’m victor, Nigerian but I study in Budapest, Hungary.

Looking forward to working with you people at the YoYo Camps

this summer in Germany. Totally can’t wait!






Hey there! My name is Ross and I will be a camp counselor at YoYo Camps this year!

I come from Ireland and love sports and music!

I can’t wait to work with you all this summer! 😁




My name is Yaz and I'm from Jordan. I study engineering management.

I'm looking forward to meeting the kids and make it

the best camp ever. I've been volunteering with kids since 2009.

My interests include basketball, boxing, history, and economics. I teach conversational English and

freelance online as a general English teacher.




Hello I'm Jennifer, I study Business Adminstration and Management. I love hiking,

listening to music and Arcade games and I'm super excited

to be at YoYo Camps this summer ! 😊



Hey Guys my name is Jonathan, I’m turning 19 in the beginning of July.

I’m from Canada and can’t wait to work with your kids the next week.

My hobbies are listening to music and doing fun activities.



  Laura Sohre


Laura is an ESL and art teacher from the United States.

She has a lot of experience and ideas to provide an exciting

and creative week for you.

 Taryn Handstand 2


 Taryn from the United States of America is an English teacher and acrobat. She was already working for YoYo Camps some years ago. Now she is living in Berlin and will offer an amazing acrobatic camp for you.











My name is Rabindar Kumar. I study Physiotherapy. My interests are Music,

Arts, sports ,Hiking, Reading Philosophy & History.

I like travelling and socialising people.I'm looking forward to meeting you all at YoYo Camps.

See you soon. ;)





My name is Nana and this is my third year at YoYo-Camps.

I like dancing and cycling. I can't wait spending another summer

playing and having fun at camps all day! 😊





Hey! My name is Vlada and it is my second summer with YoYo-Camps:)

I study business in Kyiv, but currently I’m studying in Spain.

I love traveling, arts, sports and volunteering. Can’t wait to meet you all!







My name is Muhammad Uzair. I'm from Pakistan.

I'm doing master in international economy and Business. I have prior experience

of working in a summer camp and especially when it's about kids I am really a good teacher and a sports person.