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Junior-Teamer gesucht

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Job offers for english speaking artists with experience in working with children


Job offers for english native speakers                               
  • join a great team from all over the world,
  • experience a training-week which will forge friendships and build the ability of a camp-counselor,
  • enjoy the possibility to see Germany and other European countries.
  • You'll need all your strength and skills, but will get amazing experiences and a summer, you´ll never forget!

Are you interested? Please contact us! 

Yoyo camps is an English speaking summer day camp with campsites located in and around Berlin and Lower Saxony in Germany.
German children / youth between the ages of 6 and 10 (kids), 11-14 (teens) and 13-17 (YouthAdventureCamps YAC) attend the camps for one week sessions with the main goal of learning /  improving their English.
Each group has a maximum number of 12 campers per counselor. The day-campers attend from Monday till Friday from 9 am till 5 pm. The overnight camps last from Sunday afternoon to Friday or Saturday. During this time, the counselors are exclusively responsible for their group.

Program is a mixture of games, sports, arts and crafts, drama and an English language program. A counselor is required to include all these elements in their weekly program.
Counselors are young adults who are responsible for a group of 12 children in a mixed age and language level situation, from 9 am till 5 pm in day camps or 5-6 whole days in overnight camps.
They will become acquainted with the program in a mandatory one week training program which takes place prior to the opening of the camps. Experience in animation or drama is an asset as well as experiences with youth clubs, boy scouts, youth sport clubs etc.

Requirements: You must be responsible, organized and punctual, creative and outgoing with experience in camp life. Courses in education, teaching or counseling is preferred. The counselors will work according to a Counselor Handbook, however they must also be capable to create new elements which will fit into the camp atmosphere. The counselors will be required to follow the guidelines in the Counselor Handbook.
This is a summer program which incorporates language learning with games. It is not classroom teaching English. Counselors will have to be able to communicate with children who only speak German. There is no requirement of German for the counselors, however the counselor has to feel secure enough to be able to work in a foreign country with children speaking German as the first language. Speaking some German is an advantage.
Counselors must also be capable of working on their own as in a team, but will be supported by a supervisor.
A last and very important requirement is that you are capable to interact with the parents of the children who you will meet on a daily basis.

Work Period:  
We offer jobs during the German school-holidays, mostly in summer from end of June until end of August. A Counselor will be given a minimum of 4 weeks of work and a maximum of 8 weeks. Counselors have one or two unpaid weeks off during their work period.
For trained persons, jobs are possible in single weeks during the whole year.

Payment is fair and varies in different kinds of camps.
Besides,  all lodging and transports to camps during the work-period will be paid. Travel to the training-place (Berlin) and from the latest camp home will not be paid. In overnight-camps full board is provided. In day camps you may eat lunch with the kids at the campsite.

Training Week: is mandatory for all Counsellors even returning ones. It is generally the first week of your work period and is not paid. Counselors receive full room and board for this week. As well as for the mandatory brush-up and final feedback. 

Work permit: Non EU-citizens need to organize a work permit or a "work-and-travel-visa" at the German embassy of their home country.
Permits for US-students (who continue their studies after summer) can be organized by yoyo-camps, when applied before February. EU-citizens don´t need a work-permit.
You need health-insurance! You can get a cheap one in Germany, but you have to arrange this on your own.

You are an artist or you have a passion for sports and you are experienced working with children age 8 to 14?

We are looking for counselors for Graffiti, Acrobatics and maybe other special camps.

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Junior-Teamer gesucht

Du bist mindestens 16 Jahre alt, sprichst so gut Englisch, dass du problemlos den ganzen Tag auf Englisch reden kannst und willst spannende Wochen als Trainee verbringen, mit Kindern spielen, dein Englisch verbessern, mit Teamern aus Amerika, Australien oder England zusammenarbeiten?

Wir bieten dir 50 € Taschengeld pro Woche, Mittagessen, Erstattung von Fahrtgeld (max. 25 €) und Abschlussparty (in Berlin), dazu jede Menge neue Erfahrungen und viel Spaß! Du wirst als HelferIn bei ausgebildeten Teamern mitmachen, bei der Organisation und Ordnung unterstützen, aber auch mal mit einer kleineren Gruppe ein Spiel durchführen.

Interesse? Schick einfach eine Mail mit deinem Namen, Wohnort, der Zeit in der du mitmachen willst und erzähl ein bisschen, wie gut dein Englisch ist und ob du schon mal mit Jüngeren "gearbeitet" hast.

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